Monday, August 3, 2009


Okay, I may not have been able to vote for him to win American Idol because, lets face it and it pains me to say it, I don't have cable. There I said it. In order for me to watch the AI shows I had to go to a friends house and it was all very "Do I have time?" or "Do I have gas?" However, I did really really like his singing and I was very very very happy that he won.

So back toward the begining of the year my brothers ex wife Melissa (yes i still talk to her) called and asked if I wanted to go see David Cook when he came to MusikFest in August. Of course I said "YES!!" and so this whole thing was planned. The only thing missing was backstage passes and her boyfriend tried desperately to get them for us. He even used the "but she has Cistic Fibrosis and only has a few months to live" line on them. He got pretty far up in the main company that runs Musikfest with that line. LOL

Thats how on August 3rd 2009 at 6pm I came to be standing on a bus that was taking us to the gates of MusikFest. It was a wonderful experience to stand on that bus. NOT! I kept falling into people. Anyway...I'm sure you want to hear about the concert and I'm sure you are thinking "Oh come on and tell us about the concert already!" Okay, Okay, I'm going.

The opening band was pretty good. It was a group called Green River Ordinance. The band members were cute :P Thier music was pretty good too. I'm sure if you like David Cook you would like them. Based out of Texas they had that southern drawl and I kept thinking "wow he sounds like Jimmy John Milikin!" Anyway... :O
They were pretty good and you should definitly check out thier music. "Goodbye LA" was a pretty good song.

There was about a half hour between them and David Cook himself. The crew people had to take down all the stuff and then set more stuff back up so of course it would take a little. *Insert Elevator Music Here*

DAVID COOK!!!!! The crowds started cheering, me and missy were yelling, it was "YEEAAAAAH!!!!!!!!" all around. He has a great stage personality. He is really genuine. He was going to play a song from American Idol but his guitar stopped working right. He asked if we wanted him to come back to that one and everyone shouted "NO!" He kinda seemed shocked. lol. He said "No?! You just want me to stand here feeling awkward? Thats cruel." He picked up a different guitar to play a different song and that guitar didn't work right away either. He scratched his head and looked at everyone and said "Wow... this is awkward...Kind of like standing in church naked."

There was a girl close to the stage up front that must have said "I love you david!" in a really scratcchy ghostish voice cause he looked at her and said "Woah, that was demonic!" lol. He was talking about how he went to pizza hut for dinner and a bunch of girls screamed "I love pizza hut!" He looked over and said "Wow you'll scream for anything! You don't even have a clue whats going on."

His commentary was really funny and genuine because it made him seem real. It was a shame he didn't do autographs though. Me and missy hung out for a bit to see if he was going to but we were pretty sure he wasn't when all the crowds that had been over by the fence where his bus sat decided to leave that general area. I did get some good videos and a few blurry pictures. I couldn't figure out how to work the camera that missy borrowed from her friend. Every picture i took almost got blurred and i played with it non stop to figure out how to get it unblurry. Oh well, at least the videos got good!

Next time me and missy are going all out with VIP seats and backstage passes! That way we will definitly get his autograph! Haha.


  1. This is absolutely, without a doubt, so not fair!! I'm glad you had a good time though.